Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why did it have to start raining???

Received October 31,2011

That's what I was thinking to myself when we started off to the train station on Wednesday. After District Meeting on Tuesday in Wels, I stayed and worked with Elder Solt while Elder Sever (who used to be in my district in Wien) went to work with Elder Chandler in Linz. So I got to be in my first ever bike area. That was kinda cool and kinda dumb. I had to ride around on the bike with my backpack and a nice thick and long coat. That was not very easy. However, the best part was the next day when, as stated in the subject line, it started to rain. That was way dumb. Anyway, it all worked out, I just had completely soaked pants by the time we got to the train station. Yesterday, Horst Wagner, an investigator of the other Linz Elders (mostly to avoid problems with the District Leader as the teacher and needing an interview with the Zone Leaders) got baptized. It was a really great service. His step daughter played a few songs on violin and I sang "Come follow me". He was baptized by his brother in law. This was a really cool week, I just don't really have a lot to report. Today we are going to a concentration camp in a place called Mauthausen. It will be cool. I'll take some pictures.

We haven't gone to the opera yet. It's next Monday and I hope it's not too modern. You can go ahead and send me whatever will make it through customs. I will appreciate anything you send me.

Hopefully next week will be more exciting. Till then, Tschüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüß!